Zagreb Barista Showdown 2019

Zagreb Coffee Break

First prize

Origin trip to Brazil


What is the Zagreb Barista Showdown?

Zagreb Coffee Break organizes for the first time the Zagreb Barista Showdown, international barista competition. Our goal is to bring together the best baristas from Europe, to confront them and see who will end up being the best of the best. The competition will be judged by experienced international judges, who have have experience with the greatest barista competitions.

The competition will have 4 disciplines:

  1. Preparation of the perfect espresso
    Do you think you have what it takes to dial in and prepare perfect espresso? In this round, you will use your chosen coffee that you will have to dial in, give your recipe and descriptors to your judges. Judges will look at your worklflow, balance and quality of your recipe and precision of your descriptors.
  2. Cupping 
    Challenge your taste buds and knowledge! You will get to taste certain amount of coffees, prepared in cupping form. You will have to guess the origin, processing and if the coffee is specialty grade or not. We will think about including the roasting mistakes too!
  3. Preparation of signature drink
    Prepare the best signature drink highlighting your chosen coffee. Alcohol may be used, but coffee should always be predominant in taste, whether using alcohol or not.
  4. Preparation of filter coffee
    Choose your coffee and choose the filter method. Come and brew your best cup to our judges!


To apply for the competition, you must complete the application form with all required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications will last until 8 May, 2019. The competition participants will be announced on 15 May, 2019. Maximum number of contestants is 22.


Here will be a list of judges who will be judging in the competition